About Us 

Classic Sheetmetal is a family run Birmingham business, we specialise in Fabrication, Welding, Gates, Cars , Motorcycles and more. Banking on over 30 years of high quality British engineering knowledge and experience, we are well positioned to deliver high quality and great value for money products.  We have the capacity to act as a sub-contractor to provide discrete parts for companies, or bespoke product for customers who require a finished structure.

Our goal 

We endeavour to produce the highest quality products to the finest tolerances at a good value whilst giving our customers an unforgettably enjoyable experience. No job is too big for us and no job is too small either.

Why Choose Us

Our unparalleled customer care, can-do- mind-set and attention to detail are the envy of all our competitors. As a family run business, we have grown by being moral, precise, and extremely good at what we do. Our pricing is competitive and the quality is high. Above all, what makes us stand out are our staff’s amazing attitude and approach to all our customers, suppliers, visitors and stakeholders. We are firm believers in honest and open dialogue. We consider feedback as a chance to develop our practise and consider criticism as the fuel to an aspiration of greater standards. We thrive when working with our clients to finding solutions to both their challenges and ours.