Our Capabilities

At Classic Sheetmetal, we value our clients and understand that the quality of our work speaks volumes about our commitment to this relationship. We invest a lot in our staff training to enable us to give you the quality product that you expect from us. By giving us your work, we understand that it is a bold statement of your trust on us and we spare no cost in maintaining this relationship of trust.

CAD 3D Design  

The first step in sheet metal fabrication is often design. Whether our customers have CAD design or sample of your desired product, we will work in consultation with them to ensure end product or structure perfectly meets their requirements.

Welding and Fabrication                                                                              

At Classic Sheetmetal we pride in offering our customers an assortment of choices and procedures. This allows you options when  on the quality and precision of finish. Our on-site factory-made jigs and fittings enable us to achieve unrivalled consistency and efficient fabrication runs. Our staff boast years of welding experience. We offer all of the welding processes which you would expect from an establishment of high standards as ours, including:

  • Spot welding

  • Arc welding

  • Mig Welding

  • Brazing

  • Soldering

  • Tig Welding

We also offer On-Site Welding services.

Sheet Metal Bending & Folding

Classic Sheetmetal continues to invest in a range of tooling affording us the dexterity to satisfactorily meet even the most complex projects. We are very conscious of the uniqueness of each and every order and our staff are trained and motivated enough to give your designs and orders that special attention to detail. We are cognisant of the fact that your required product is an extension of yourself or your establishment. Our range of skills are capable of extreme versatility in the face of complex projects. We have also forged great relationships with other suppliers of bespoke services affording us the ability to offer you competitive prices for all jobs of varying complexities finished to an industry high standard.